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Terms and Conditions


Offers net 30 terms on orders approved by our factors (CIT or First Capital). We also accept credit cards, approved company and personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks and cash. Processing net 30 terms for new customers may take several days to approve.

For discounted pricing, contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative. Pricing is calculated by quantity ordered per SKU. Prices are subject to change without notice. For out of Next Level Apparel scale orders, please call for availability and pricing.

Styles, Colors, and Inventory
For the most current listing of styles, colors and inventory, visit our website at Please note that based on demand and sales, Next Level Apparel reserves the right to discontinue styles, colors and size without prior notification.

Wholesale Account Qualification
Next Level Apparel is a wholesale based company; manufacturing products suitable for apparel decorators, and the imprintable, embroidery, and promotional markets. Next
Level Apparel does not sell garments to the general public. Our product is intended for companies that embellish for resale and as a resource for their customers. You may not resell any Next Level Apparel products to any person or entity, unless you first modify those products by printing, embellishing, or decorating them so as to clearly distinguish them from Next Level Apparel’s product line. A reseller’s certificate number must be provided at time of account set up. Call us at 310-631-4955 or visit our website for account set up and evaluation.

Garment Specifications
Please note Next Level Apparel makes periodic updates to garment specifications. Current inventory may include a balance of garments from a previous specification. Next Level Apparel ships by FIFO accounting practice (First in First out). Please contact Next Level Apparel Customer Service with any questions.

Order Placing and Shipping
Most in-stock credit approved orders are shipped the same day they are placed. Please consult your Customer Service Representative for shipment date confirmation. Additions to orders already placed will be considered a “new order” and written as a new purchase order. All merchandise will be shipped FOB origin.

If you did not receive a confirmation, we did not receive your order. Next Level Apparel will not pay for expedited shipments on orders that were not confirmed. Please contact your customer service representative if you did not receive a confirmation.

Shipping Issues
Next Level Apparel will not be responsible for non-delivery, delay, loss, or damaged during shipment. All merchandise is shipped FOB origin.

Residential Delivery
Shipping to a residential address will incur additional fees for both small packages and pallet shipments which the Buyer is responsible for. Buyers should also notify on their purchase orders that the ship to address is residential.

Signature Required
Next Level Apparel will send all shipments signature required.
Pick-up & Delivery
Next Level Apparel will ship merchandise specified by the customer. All freight claims for missing or damaged merchandise must be filed directly with carrier. Customer pick-up service is available from 8:30am to 5:30 pm PST, Monday through Friday. Please call ahead to confirm your order is ready for pick up or for pick-up time.
Shipping Discrepancies
Due to possible human error, it is the buyer/consignees responsibility to verify that the merchandise received matches what was ordered and resolve any claims with Next Level before garments are altered. Next Level will not accept any claims if garments are altered due to incorrect shipments.

Embellished Merchandise
It is the Buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect and test all merchandise before washing, printing, or any type of decorating. The embellishment processes conducted by the buyer are beyond our control. Thus, once merchandise is altered in any way or form, the buyer cannot return or make any exchanges.

Returns and Claim Policy
It is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect and test all merchandise before washing, printing, or any type of decorating. BUYERS BE AWARE!!! Once merchandise is altered in any way, the Buyer cannot return or make any exchanges.

Claims and Cancellations
All claims must be made within 14 days from receipt of goods. Returns will be accepted only with prior authorization. Return shipments will be refused if not accompanied with a Return Merchandise Authorization code. A 15% restocking fee applies to returns beyond Next Level Apparel’s control.

Discharge Printing
If you plan to discharge print on Next Level Apparel garments please note the following: Next Level Apparel does its very best to provide garments for discharge printing including reactive dyeing, testing for discharge printability, maintaining tested inventory and shipping each discharge print order from the same fabric/garment lot or advising of any inventory variances. Next Level Apparel will ship specific discharge print tested product when requested for your discharge print business. It is the responsibility of the buyer to advise that the order is for discharge printing. You must test your discharge print process on a number of garments received. If you have any question with the test print results you can return any unprinted garments for credit or replacement. When in production if shirts fail to discharge it is up to the printer to stop production and return unprinted shirts. Next Level will not give credit or reimburse for any printed shirts that failed discharge printing. Next Level Apparel will not be responsible for shipping charges, printing charges, printed garments or any other charges involved with your discharge print process. If you did not request your order for discharge printing there is a 15% restocking fee on the returned unprinted garments.
Country of Origin
Next Level Apparel Manufactures garments in various countries. If a particular origin is required, it must be indicated on the purchase order(s) as shipments may contain multiple Countries of Origins. If a particular origin was not listed on the purchase  order(s), all shipping and restocking fees are the responsibilities of the Buyer.

Re-Label orders are available from our California warehouse. Please confirm quotes and minimums.

Samples will be shipped at a per piece unit price, plus freight cost. Samples are available upon request and cannot be returned.

Burnout Product
Due to the nature of the burnout process, no two shirts are alike. Variation in the color and/or pattern will be apparent and contributes to the unique properties of the product. 

By signing this document you agree to policy and terms listed. BUYER-READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING!

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