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THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE during our new ERP System deployment process.

We encountered additional technical challenges during the ERP conversion which impacted all of our automated ordering systems as well as our website functions and caused unexpected delays. We are ramping back up during the final stages of the ERP transition. However, as a result we are experiencing a high-volume of manual orders, which require extra steps and time for processing.


Our NLA teams are working around-the-clock to process and fulfill existing orders as quickly as possible. Our #1 priority is to fill your shelves with NLA premium apparel as quickly as possible!


Q: What is the status of my order?

A: Orders are being processed based on order entry date and are being worked on currently. We are working diligently to get all customer orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Q: Is there a way to expedite my order?

A: No, we will do our best, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee processing or transit timing. However, placing your order via the web will reduce the processing time for your order. We have distribution partners who would be happy to assist you at this time. Click here to view our distribution network options:

Q: If I place an order today, when will it ship?

A: Our current estimation is that most orders will ship within 7-10 days. We are working hard to reduce that processing window.

Q: Is customer service available?

A: Yes, but due to high call volume, limited resources are available. We encourage you to use the live chat feature on our website or email during normal business hours for a quicker response. Monday-Friday 8am PST to 5pm PST.

Q: Will NLA accept manual orders during this time?

A: Yes, but we highly recommend that you place your orders via the web to speed up: order entry times, processing times, shipping times and order accuracy.

Q: Can I create a new account on the website?

A: Not currently. We are working to restore this functionality quickly to welcome all new customers.

Q: I am having trouble logging into my web account?

A: If you have not logged into your account in the past 10 months, please reset your password. Click here to reset:

Q: Is the inventory shown on the web accurate?

A: Yes, the inventory will update every 40 minutes and will only display current inventory available.

Q: When will I be able to see future dates for incoming inventory?

A: Our current estimate is 4-5 weeks.

Q: Can I place back orders on the website?

A: At this moment, we cannot accept back orders on the website. We anticipate the functionality to be restored in 4-5 weeks when incoming inventory dates are also available.

Q: My credit card is not being accepted at checkout.

A: To ensure the security of our customers we are using a credit card processing module that requires your billing address and the billing address registered with you bank to be an exact match. If you experience an error, please check your credit card credentials to ensure that they are accurate.

Q: Are there minimums?

A: Yes. The minimum quantity per style/size is one full case - the quantity per case with vary per style or size. The minimum cases per order is 10 cases per order. Feel free to contact a customer sales representative or visit our distributors network for all sample queries.

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